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Find Marijuana (Pot, Weed) in Krabi in 2024

Krabi marijuana is available many places in Town and at Ao Nang Beach.

As you probably know, Thailand is legalizing personal consumption of marijuana. You can smoke it at your home. You can grow it at your home. You can sell it to others if you register as a grower and seller. Thailand has historically had some of the best pot grown anywhere in the world. Many days … Read more

Best Water Activities in Ao Nang, Krabi in 2024

Krabi water activities, we tell you what is permitted in the oceans around Krabi.

Many people love to do activities in the water while vacationing in Krabi. But, what can you really do here? Krabi limits what can be done for safety issues and noise issues. Living here, we LOVE THIS, but you may be surprised what you can and cannot do in the oceans around Krabi. Can I … Read more

Krabi International Hospital – Krabi Nakharin Hospital in 2024

Krabi Nakharin Hospital in Krabi Town, a private hospital for the public.

Part of the issue with moving to Krabi, and for us – staying in Krabi, has been the lack of a decent hospital in town. Foreigners demand high standards, and personally, we’ve never felt like we had that in Krabi before this. Krabi is going to be home to a new international hospital located just … Read more

Krabi Night Markets in Town and Ao Nang Beach in 2024

Krabi Night Market making grilled chicken on the grill.

We have lived in Krabi Town for more than 16 years. We’ve seen the main Krabi night market morph into its current state where they close down a road beside the Vogue Mall and it’s filled with Thai vendors. Krabi has a few big markets and night markets, and we’ll tell you about all of … Read more

Krabi 4 Islands Tour in 2024

Railay beach drone shot close to Phra Nang Cave and part of the 4 Island Tour in Krabi, Thailand.

One of the most popular tours for visitors from all over the world is the 4 Islands Tour you can take from out of Krabi’s Ao Nang Beach on a longtail boat or speedboat. Scroll Down to REGISTER and get MORE INFO on this Tour (form below) What Islands are in the Krabi 4 Islands … Read more

Songkran in Krabi in 2024

Map showing route traffic must take during Songkran Festival in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand this year.

[Page updated 4 March 2024] Songkran officially starts tomorrow across Thailand and so Krabi has been getting excited about it as well. Since COVID there has not been a no-holds-barred Songkran celebration and people are anxious to get this going. We were already hit with water in the car as there were some early morning … Read more

How to Take a Train to Krabi in 2024

Thailand trains and destinations near Krabi.

Many people want to take a train to Krabi, Thailand and they ask us how they can do it. The train system in Thailand is not the best laid-out transportation in the world! There are trains that go from the furthest provinces south up through Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, and then further up the … Read more

Krabi Kayaking – Exploring Hidden Wonders in 2024

Two boys kayaking in the Krabi mangroves close to town.

Krabi is a beautiful coastal town in Thailand that offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including kayaking. With its stunning limestone cliffs, clear blue waters, and lush mangrove forests, Krabi is a perfect destination for kayaking enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, Krabi has something to offer for everyone. Kayaking … Read more

Does Krabi Have Sharks in 2024?

Shark cruising the water near Koh Phi Phi Islands. Sharks do inhabit the ocean near Krabi, Thailand.

For a lot of people in Krabi, Thailand or anywhere, the threat of a shark bite or even an encounter of any kind is out of the question. People will go to astounding lengths to avoid having to see a shark in the water they’re swimming in. Yes, Krabi’s ocean does have sharks but they … Read more

Krabi Zoo & Thailand Zoos Information in 2024

A slow loris trying to escape the threat of a Krabi Zoo.

Where Is the Krabi Zoo? Many people ask us if they can come and visit the Krabi Zoo filled with wildlife like tigers, leopards, owls, snakes, lizards, hog badgers, guar, elephants, monkeys, langurs, and more. No, there is no Krabi Zoo in Krabi, and there has never been a zoo here in this province! Krabi … Read more

Are Bears Found in Krabi in 2024?

Malayan sun bear in featured image "Bears in Thailand?"

There are two bear species found in Krabi province in Southern Thailand – the Malayan Sun Bear, and the Asian Black Bear. Here is everything you need to know about Krabi bears. Two Potentially Dangerous Bear Species in Krabi Asian Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus) The Asian black bear, also known as the moon bear, white-chested … Read more