Krabi Nature photography tours and field trips

Krabi High Season is Slow Season

Thais were hoping that this high season in Krabi would be truly – high. It wasn’t. Now we’re hoping that 2022 is far better. There are definitely more tourists about than during slow season, but I’m calling this year’s high season quite low. This is nothing like some of the past years’ high seasons in … Read more

Krabi is Cooling Off for Winter

This is the time of year when Krabi cools off considerably at night – and even the daytime highs are still moderate. The temperatures are the best during this time of year, and though there is still a lot of rain during November and December sometimes too – this is the best time in the … Read more

Krabi Fitness Activities

Krabi mountains are perfect for some fitness challenges.

Thailand fitness challenges are a rather rare idea. It’s hard to believe that there aren’t entire companies built around this topic – but we found almost nobody doing this in southeast Asia. Being that we are so focused on physical fitness – we wanted to offer a place for the really adventurous fitness addicts could … Read more

Wildlife Tours

Whether it’s birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, geckos or insects you are interested in – Thailand has it. We can arrange custom trips for you to view wildlife either from a boat, or by standing on your own two feet. We have mountain treks and longboat tours on the ocean waterways to help you find exactly … Read more

Waterfalls? Krabi’s Best

Krabi and the entire south of Thailand are just surrounded by waterfalls, and though most of them are inaccessible there are a couple you can reach in Krabi without too much effort. If you want a tour to this waterfall, which can also include stops at Wat Tum Sua (Tiger Cave Temple) and Wat Tum … Read more

Thailand Eco Tours – Adventures

Waterfall ponds at a wilderness resort in Krabi, Thailand.

Welcome to Thailand’s premiere eco tourism portal where you can find trips around Thailand focused on whatever you are interested in. We will focus on: We will also have adventure tours for those that want to get a little more active: If you are interested in joining any of our tours, why not drop us … Read more