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10 Reasons Krabi is Thailand’s Best Vacation Spot in 2024

Islands seen off Tub Kaak Beach out past Ao Nang, Krabi.

Krabi isn’t for everyone, but, if you’re not looking for half-naked girls dancing on the bar, this might just be the best vacation spot you can find in Thailand. Here are 10 reasons why we love it… 1. Temperatures are rarely too hot or too cold. Phuket gets quite a bit hotter than Krabi does … Read more

What Is Krabi Weather Like in 2024?

Here’s a table showing average Krabi weather temperature ranges by month in Krabi. Monthly Temperature Averages in Krabi, Thailand Month C F January 23-33°C 74-91°F February 23-34°C 73-93°F March 24-34°C 75-93°F April 25-34°C 77-93°F May 25-33°C 77-91°F June 25-33°C 77-91°F July 25-33°C 77-91°F August 25-33°C 77-91°F September 25-32°C 77-90°F October 24-32°C 75-90°F November 24-32°C 75-90°F … Read more

Low Season in Krabi – and Rain!

Update: 26 May 2023 The rain has been hammering the province for the past week. September and October are typically the wettest months in Krabi but on occasion October and November eclipse these months as the wettest. Regardless – from August through November in Krabi, it is usually QUITE wet and many tourists, expats, and … Read more

Krabi High Season is Slow Season?

Come now! Thais were hoping that this high season in Krabi would be truly – high. It wasn’t. Now we’re hoping that 2023 is far better. There are definitely more tourists about than during slow season, but I’m calling this year’s high season quite low. This is nothing like some of the past years’ high … Read more

Krabi’s Most Fun Fitness Activities in 2024

Krabi mountains are perfect for some fitness challenges.

Thailand fitness challenges are a rather rare idea. It’s hard to believe that there aren’t entire companies built around this topic – but we found almost nobody doing this in southeast Asia. Being that we are so focused on physical fitness – we wanted to offer a place for the really adventurous fitness addicts could … Read more

2024 Krabi Things to Do – Climb Dragon’s Crest (Hiking)

Ngon Nak Mountain view from the peak. Tub Kaak, Krabi, Thailand.

This challenging hiking trail is at Ngorn Nak Mountain. This is a strenuous hike but can be completed by most people. A friend of ours, Alfred, is 73 and he hikes this mountain path pretty often. Sure, he’s exceptionally fit, but if you want to make it – you’ll make it. There are a couple … Read more

December Krabi Weather

What is the weather like in Krabi in December? Find out.

What is the Weather Like in December in Krabi? If you’re considering a trip to Thailand, you might be wondering what the weather is like in Krabi during December. Of course Krabi weather depends on many factors! None of them do we control! We know you’re planning your vacation and want to know what the … Read more

Krabi’s Best Adventures in 2024?

Adventure Tours in and around Krabi, Thailand. Click one for more information: Krabi’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge > These are just some introductory adventures we’ve been running. If you have something else in mind – do let us know so we can plan it with you. Prices for the above tours are at the individual pages … Read more

Krabi Forest Homestay in the Wilderness in 2024

Wilderness resort in Krabi Noi near Krabi Town, Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort.

Many people come to Krabi, Thailand on their vacation to explore the forest, nature, and the wilderness of this densely-packed rainforest. Many people are looking for the Krabi forest homestay and we have our own version way out at the end of the Khao Phanom mountain range in Krabi Noi subdistrict. What Is the Krabi … Read more

Thara Park 2024 (Running, Tennis, Football, Basketball)

Football field (fusball) in Thara Park in Krabi Town.

A lot of people when they come to Krabi don’t really realize that there is a city Park close to the river just outside of the city center. This Krabi Town park has many exercises and other things to do for people of all ages. You can find a running track, volleyball court, tennis courts, … Read more