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Krabi Snake Rescue Service in 2024

Krabi Snake Removal Service

If you need a snake, lizard, gecko, or turtle removed in Krabi, click here to call first to see if can come and get it for you. They are located in Krabi Town and can cover Krabi from Ao Nang to Krabi Noi.

If you have a large snake, a cobra, or other snake you think is dangerous – they can help you by phone or by making a personal trip.

Note – Please help with a 500 THB donation if we remove a snake for you.

Choose Vern at KRABI SNAKE RESCUE Because:

  1. Snakes and other wildlife are always relocated and released back into the wild where they are not likely to encounter humans.
  2. No snakes or other animals are ever kept in captivity longer than is necessary to rehab them from injury or stress – usually 1-2 days max.
  3. Snakes are never sold to the Snake Shows or to locals to eat.
  4. Snake skins, gall bladders, gecko tongues, or anything else are not sold for profit. All wildlife is released UNHARMED which is not what you’re going to get with other services.

Contact Info: [email protected] or go to here.