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Phuket Snake & Wildlife Tour (Jungle Herping at Night)

Do you want to ramp up your Phuket vacation to the next level? How about hiking through the forest and jungle of Phuket at night with headlamps to find snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, slow lorises, colugos, and more?

Our Phuket snake herping and wildlife tours are one of those special Phuket experiences you’ll never forget. We have taken hundreds of people on night time jungle tours to find endemic wildlife and it has been an eye-opening and memorable tour every time we go!

Phuket Night Wildlife Tour Description

  • Private Tour – Our guests usually want to go on their own with the guide to ensure they get the most out of their trip. Sometimes we may combine groups if everyone OK with it.
  • Starts at 7 pm. and finished at 9 pm. However, if the night is very productive, the guide may offer to go another hour at the same hourly rate.
  • We can arrange transportation for you, or you can ride a motorbike or vehicle yourself to the meeting spot. GRAB rides are used most often – cheap and easy to book with the app.
  • We enjoy 2 Hours of walking through the rainforest at night to find ALL KINDS of animals.
  • Expert level guidance by our local English speaking field trip leader.
  • Only ETHICAL treatment of animals, please. We cannot COLLECT any animal. We can take some photos or short videos and then we leave them in exactly the same spot we found them. 5 minutes of flash/bright lights maximum per find. If you need to learn how to work your camera, now is the time!
Herping at night with headlamp in Phuket on a night safari herping tour.
It’s so much fun finding wildlife in the Phuket rainforest. It’s like being a kid again!

Who Can Join this Night Tour?

  • Ages 12-70
  • No major health issues please.
  • No allergies to bees, please.
  • Children from 8-11 accepted if parent can keep close eye on them.


  • Cold water bottle for each participant.
  • Headlamps and backups.
  • Expert-level guidance.
Python found on night tour in Phuket.
Pythons are pretty common, especially on wet nights in Phuket.

Reptiles Commonly Found

  • Wagler’s Pit Viper (T. wagleri)- These are venomous snakes that are sexually dimorphic, meaning the male is remarkably different looking than the females. This is a common target of herpers coming to Thailand, and we have them on this tour almost 100%.
  • Phuket Green Pit Viper (T. phuketensis)- This is a fairly new discovered species in Thailand. It resembles the Brown-spotted Pit Viper of Krabi, Suratthani, Nakhon Si Thammarat and other locations, but is larger and has a more pronounced pattern. This is another top target for herpetologists and herping enthusiasts looking for snakes in Thailand.
  • Phuket Tree Dragon Lizard (A. phuketensis) – These lizards are commonly found sleeping in the habitats we will walk through. They make for excellent photos as they’re patterning is detailed and full of contrast. Not to mention the horns on them!
  • Pythons – on our last tour, they spotted a good sized python! Hint – the rainier, the better for finding pythons. Don’t cancel if it’s lightly raining.
  • Cat Snakes – the White-spotted Cat Snake (B. drapiezii) and the Dog-Toothed Cat Snake (B. cynodon) are both fairly common in this area and while we don’t see them everytime, we can get lucky!
  • Oriental Vine Snakes (A. prasina) – Grey, yellow, and green phase colored vine snakes are usually abundant. These are known for their elongated heads that resemble a spear.
  • Keelback Snakes – Red-necked keelback, Speckle-bellied keelbacks.
  • Gliding Geckos – Geckos that can flatten the body and glide from tree to tree can be spotted low on big trees during our walk.
Odd insect found in Phuket on a night safari jungle tour.
We still don’t know what this Thailand bug is!

Rare Animals We May Find in Phuket’s Rainforest

  • Slow Lorises – those cute little monkey-looking mammals that forage in the trees for fruit, bugs, and small animals. This is a venomous mammal that has venom glands under the arm! It rubs the venom gland with a hand and then rubs the teeth before biting! No danger to us, we never get that close or handle them.
  • Flying Foxes – These are very large bats that eat fruit high in the trees and can be spotted in the early evening before they get full and fly off to rest.
  • Colugos – Winged mammals that glide from tree to tree with a 1 meter+ wingspan!

Other Animals We May See

We see a lot of random insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. We’ll list some below.

  • Tarantulas!
  • Huntsman and Wolf spiders
  • Preying mantis’ – we have numerous species. They are hard to find, but when we do it’s like JACKPOT!
  • Jungle Nymphs – Very large leaf insects, bright green or yellow, and sexually dimorphic development.
  • Walking Sticks – from 5 centimeters to 30 cm long!
  • Centipedes (Scolopendra)
  • Frogs, Toads

How Much Does a Night Tour Cost?

  • 1-2 persons – 3900 Thai Baht (total)
  • 3 persons – 4,400 THB (total)
  • 4 persons – 4,900 THB (total)
  • 5+ – Ask us for a price.

You will need to have your own transportation. The location is near Patong. You can easily book a GRAB ride for cheap rates.

Is Pre-Booking Necessary?

Please book as early as possible to reserve your spot. It happens sometimes that the date you want is already booked. This is a sad situation because most of you stay in Phuket only for.a short time and you may not be able to find a reservation.


Yes, a deposit of 900 THB is required at the time of reservation.