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All 22 Krabi Hiking Trails (with Google Map) in 2024

Krabi has a few good hiking trails that you might enjoy. I tend to like the ones that go up hills, but I’ll mention all of them I know about here. If you’d like to go on any of these hikes with a guide, do let us know here – contact.

Top 22 Hiking Trails in Krabi Area

  1. Dragon’s Crest Mountain Trail. This one is located in Tub Kaak subdistrict over past Ao Nang and not quite to Thalen Bay. In between. This is a 3.7 km hike up a mountain to the peak which is around 500 meters high. That’s 1,640 feet. It’s high. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’d difficult. Don’t bring kids under 12, they’ll complain a lot unless real fit and love the rainforest.
  2. Dragon’s Crest Mountain Trail Offshoot. There is another trail that goes from the top of the mountain down past a wet area they call a waterfall (there is a sprinkle of water coming off the rocks), and it leads down to an agricultural area at the bottom with dogs. Not recommended unless you’re with a couple of people and you all have rocks and sticks.
  3. Dragon’s Crest Mountain Trail Side-trail. Off the main trail is another trail that goes north through the forest and following the stream along. This one goes for over a kilometer and is a nice walk that is not used by nearly anyone. Can try it during daytime.
  4. PBMR to Huay Toh Waterfall. This one is probably not being offered at the moment. It’s a long, rather difficult hike from one side of the Khao Phanom mountain chain to the other side from Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort. If you want to do this one, CONTACT us and we’ll see if they feel like doing it. Cost is around 1,400 THB per person (for 1) or 2,200 for 2 people.
  5. The Captain’s Hill. This one is a short steep climb up a hill to a viewpoint near the base of the Khao Phanom Mountain peak. Again, let us know if you want to do it, it’s difficult but if it’s dry it isn’t too bad. If wet, very muddy and slippery.
  6. Reservoir Walk. There’s a walk on asphalt around the Krabi Town water reservoir you can do. It’s about 1 km. There are bikers here too. You may get chased by dogs. Bring a stick and rocks. They’ll get the idea.
  7. Krabi Mangrove Walkway. A 600 meter long concrete trail up over the mangroves. A nice walk if the monkeys are not present. These monkeys are NOT nice. Don’t bring sticks, they may attack.
  8. Railay Beach Viewpoint. This one is a very steep climb up a hill where you can see part of the Railay Beach East area. The climb itself is more fun than the viewpoint. Trees are in the way.
  9. Thara Park Path. A 1.15 km walk around Thara Park in Krabi Town just south of the main police station at the bottom of Chao Fa Road. It goes along the Krabi River, which isn’t a river, it’s an inlet. It’s a nice place for a walk. Many people. Quite safe. No dogs unless after dark or early morning.
  10. Mark’s Hill. A 3.7 km 280 meter high hill that is a paved road. Locals use it for exercise in the morning and after 4 pm when they get off work. It’s hot and steep and most people don’t go the entire way up, they turn around after a bit.
  11. Tiger Cave Temple Stair Climb. A 1,256 step climb up 280 meters vertical elevation to reach the chedi and temple area at the top. Incredible views. Highly recommended if fit. If not, not recommended at all. It’s quite hot and humid and difficult. Water at top, but not clean because monkeys use it regularly to put their mouth on the spigot.
  12. Tiger Cave Temple Foothills. Also at the same temple is the foothills area. It’s a 100 step climb and then descent into what looks like the land of the dinosaurs. HUGE palms and lush vegetation. There are some paths that circle around the area and some caves to explore.
  13. Snow Trail. This one is out of the way and really only used by me and my friends, but if you want a hike through the valley through heavy brush, this one works. You’ll have to contact us for this. It’s in Ao Nang. It’s about 2 km.
  14. Khao Phanom Mountain Climb. A climb to the peak of the 1,400 meter-high mountain, Khao Phanom in the district of the same name. This is about 30 km from Krabi Town. It requires Thai rangers as guides. You pay about 2,000 THB per person. You stay overnight in a tent at the top and climb to the peak in the morning. This is extremely difficult, but they go slow. If you’re fit and want to go up and down in the same day, contact us because I may feel like it as well and go with you. I’ll need to find rangers who can go up and down in the same day too.
  15. Emerald Pool (Sra Morakot – Crystal Pool) Hike. This one is just a hike through the forest or on the raised boardwalk to reach the crystal blue freshwater of Crystal Pool in Khao Pra-Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary in the Khlong Tom District of Krabi (65 km from Krabi Town). The dirt path is 1.1 km. The raised boardwalk path is 1.4 km. The boardwalk path is quite nice, many stream and lake views.
  16. Hot Springs Trail. A short trail to reach the hot springs pools of water. A soothing place for those with muscle strain!
  17. Huay Toh Waterfall Hike. You park at the entrance to the Khao Phanom Bencha Mountain National Park and walk to the waterfall a couple hundred meters away. You can then go up into the forest beside the waterfall and climb to the different levels.
  18. Huay Toh Forest Hike 1. Short trail through the forest that goes along the stream to the left side of the trail as walking toward the waterfall.
  19. Huay Toh Forest Hike 2. Another short trail through the forest that ends up at the stream.
  20. Khlong Chak Waterfall Hike. A short couple hundred meter hike up a hill on the main island of Koh Lanta to the waterfall.
  21. Ko Phi Phi Trail. A short steep hike up to 3 different viewpoints where you can see a lot of the islands. Nice!
  22. Ao Nang North to South Path. This one goes between Ao Nang Beach and an inaccessible luxury resort on the beach (Centara Grand Beach Resort) in Ao Nang. It’s a climb and dirt path over the hill between the two areas. It’s a bit difficult but if you go slow anyone can accomplish this hike.

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