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Songkran in Krabi in 2024

Map showing route traffic must take during Songkran Festival in Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand this year.

[Page updated 4 March 2024] Songkran officially starts tomorrow across Thailand and so Krabi has been getting excited about it as well. Since COVID there has not been a no-holds-barred Songkran celebration and people are anxious to get this going. We were already hit with water in the car as there were some early morning … Read more

How to Take a Train to Krabi in 2024

Thailand trains and destinations near Krabi.

Many people want to take a train to Krabi, Thailand and they ask us how they can do it. The train system in Thailand is not the best laid-out transportation in the world! There are trains that go from the furthest provinces south up through Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, and then further up the … Read more

Dogs in Krabi, Thailand 2024 – Beware

Dogs in Thailand tend to bite. Of course there are nice dogs too.

Most dogs are cool in Krabi, but be careful because many dogs in Thailand don’t like the smell of foreigners. The way that Thai people treat their dogs and the leeway they give them is astounding to me. I have finally come to accept it as I have most things here. They call them soi … Read more

Chikungunya Disease in Thailand in 2024 – FAQ

Chikungunya (chee-koon-gun-ya) and also spelled as “Chicken guinea”, “Chicken gunaya,” and “Chickengunya”, comes from the African Swahili language, where it means “to bend up”. When severely affected with joint pain a person bends up like a ninety-year-old, hunched over in pain. Most symptoms are similar to Dengue Fever. Chikungunya is a mosquito-born virus carried by the … Read more

Thailand Drinking Water – Is It Safe to Drink in 2024?

Singha water is one of the safest and best tasting bottled waters in Thailand.

The only really safe drinking water in Thailand is bottled drinking water like Crystal and Singha water. I’ve been here nearly two decades now and so far I don’t believe I’ve been sick from drinking Thailand’s water. It’s impossible to know of course what exactly I’ve had “Montezuma’s revenge” from, but I always attribute it … Read more

Thailand Culture Do’s and Don’ts in 2024

Thai girls on a boardwalk on a sunny day.

Thai culture is very unique. It is important to understand some of the basic differences between Thailand and your home country before arriving like how to act properly and politely. Knowing these things will increase the chances that your trip to Thailand will be as enjoyable and safe as it possibly can be. [Page Updated: … Read more