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Krabi International School in 2024

Krabi International School coming to Krabi in 2015-2016.

My wife brought home a packet of information for a new international school being built in Krabi around Ao Nang near the King Cobra Show. Well, between there and Tub Kaak district.

I got a ton of information here about the school, and I posted about it on the Facebook group for Ao Nang and Krabi and there was quite a bit of response from foreigners living here. We’ve been waiting for a decent international school option for our children, and this one could be quite good.

The tuition starts around 178,500 THB for all three terms for the year. That doesn’t include a 5,000 THB application fee and 20,000 THB Admission fee. They are going to cover from year 1 up to year 11, and maybe older kids as the school get better established in the area.

NOTE – prices may have changed over the years.

I was wondering about Phuket expats that have children – and whether they would now consider moving to Krabi so they could send their kids to this school. We now have an International Hospital, so we are gradually getting the infrastructure in place to support a greater number of foreigners in Krabi.

This is a good and bad thing obviously. Good for local businesses. Not so good for those of us that enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Krabi town and even the beaches compared to Phuket or Pattaya. I really hope we never make the swing toward a Pattaya type environment in Krabi province.

Let’s see what happens. We haven’t bought a home here yet, so we’re not tied here. I love having a couple of mountains to climb and the ocean so close. Maybe Trang might be next. Then when too many foreigners move there, Satun!

Even if foreigners don’t choose to educate their children at this new school, I think there are plenty of Thais who have the money for higher education and that are willing to pay it.

Krabi International School is optimistically looking at a September start. They have broken ground on the first buildings and are going to try to meet that deadline.

So here is some detailed information about the school and a link to their main site in case you want to see more:


  • English
  • Maths
  • Science


History, Geography, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Thai Language, Modern Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Computing, Art and Design, Thai Culture

2023-2024 Academic School Year

Starts September. There are 62 School holidays and 13 Thai national holidays over the course of the year.

[Image credit – – the official site for this new school. Go have a look!]

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