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Top Krabi Hiking Trails and Treks in 2024

Krabi has a couple of nice hikes on offer. Keep in mind that the weather is almost always very warm and the air has a lot of humidity, it traps the heat and makes you feel even hotter. You’ll sweat a lot, there are not any real breezes of wind until you reach the summit – if one exists on that hike.

Thailand Hiking Tours:

Dragon’s Crest Mountain – Half day. There are two main trails on this mountain, and we take either one – depending on what you’re looking for. There is a small waterfall, stream, and a peak climb that gives multiple viewpoints from which you can take photos and videos.

Waterfall Hike – Full day. This is a 5-6 hour hike that goes through some beautiful landscape and arrives at the best waterfall in Krabi. Bring sturdy shoes and mosquito lotion!

Khao Phanom Bencha Summit Hike – postponed for a while, there were some rock-slides on the mountain after a recent heavy rain and the trail has been completely blocked. Nobody expects it to be open again for a year or so.

Basically, they need to find another route up to the summit. This will be excellent for us – because it will be an entirely new hike up the mountain. Stay tuned for this amazing Thailand hike because it involves camping overnight in tents and seeing an amazing array of wildlife.

The mountain area is usually deserted, and nobody lives on the mountain where we climb. It’s quite an adventurous hike.

Khao Sok Hiking – there are many trails covering this Thailand National Park. We can do custom 1 and 2 day hiking tours here.

You might think because Krabi is filled with natural beauty that we’d have more nature hikes. It’s just not so. Most of the land has been turned into palm or rubber plantations, so there are not that many areas where we can enjoy hiking.

Khao Sok in the northwest – in Suratthani province has Khao Sok National Park – which has many trails to hike.

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