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Krabi Restaurant Review – Cuckoo’s Nest – Ao Nang

Sorry, this one is CLOSED NOW.

A friend and I went by the Cuckoo’s Nest on Ao Nang Beach this afternoon for a late lunch and we were pleasantly surprised at the location, level of service, and quality of food! I love when that happens!

Even though the power was out for a few hours, they were able to cook with gas, and we were both able to have some great lunches. Nok, the owner, mentioned that they just got some good shrimp in – so I got Kow Padt Goong – fried rice with shrimp. Usually how a restaurant is overall can be measured by the quality of their kow padt. That’s my idea anyway. It was really good. I had the prik naam pla with it because I love it spicy, and they gave me more than enough peppers and the sauce was nice.

My friend ordered a Mussaman Curry and it was just perfect. I tried some over my rice, and the flavor was perfect. Spicy too! You can ask for low spice for most items, but the curries are usually already partly made so you won’t usually be able to get a low-spice southern curry. Most other things can go low-spice though.

We sat outside in the 99°F heat (37°C) and in the shade. There was a breeze blowing, and when it’s around the ocean – it’s usually a degree or two at least) cooler than the surrounding air – so we were actually comfortable sitting there in the heat without a fan.

Nok was a great help in choosing food, and her waitresses were all smiles. I’ll be heading back to this restaurant right on the beach fairly often as I get over to the Ao Nang beach area sometimes.

Highly recommended, and if you are there early and can get breakfast, I have heard from other friends that their breakfasts are incredible!

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