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Krabi Jobs 2024 (Teaching, Diving, Programming, Online)

Jobs in Krabi for foreigners - teaching English, coding, programming, diving instructor, or online work from Krabi, Thailand.
Are there Jobs in Krabi for Foreigners? You might find something teaching English, teaching diving, programming/coding, or you could earn money online from Krabi – up to you.


How can you work in Krabi? Is it possible? Krabi is an amazing place and many people want to live here. It’s a bit like wanting to live in Hawaii – but, at least there are jobs you can do in Hawaii.

Thailand limits what foreigners can do for work – and it’s very limited. Teaching and scuba diving instructors are the most heavily employed here, and there are more scuba workers and instructors than teachers. Read on to find out some other ways you can earn money at a job in Krabi or online…

Krabi jobs can be hard to come by. Impossible for many people. If you can’t teach or be a dive instructor, your chances are slim.

You could always open your own business like a restaurant making foreign food though. You’ll need 2 million THB capital to put up, but you’ll be able to get a work permit from that.


Good luck finding a job in Krabi! Over the past couple of years, most English teachers in Krabi have stopped working in Thai schools, and now most people teach English online to Chinese, Russians, and people from all over the world who want to learn through Skype or similar apps on the computer or phone.

It’s the future – and it’s here. You can get paid $12-20 per hour for chat-based teaching, and choose your hours. As long as you get good ratings from the students learning from you – you’ll do really well.

I know two guys who make over 100,000 THB per month when they want to load up the hours. That’s pretty good because you probably won’t make that as a divemaster in Koh Tao.


The teachers staying in Krabi and teaching at the schools – and I know a few of them, are basically here to stay. They don’t want to ever leave. They’re in paradise – Krabi really is paradise.

There are very few teaching jobs – but, you can, of course, try your luck. There are only a couple of English programs here in the public schools, and dealing with Thai-style workplace nuttiness is hardly worth it to most people.

Krabi now has an international school that you might have better luck in. The school is owned by two Thais and is located close to Noppharat Thara Beach, which is near Ao Nang Beach.

Update – There is now also “Krabi International School.” They are in the process of building up the campus, but they’re already holding classes for a limited number of students and grade levels.

Apparently, it will be an excellent school with well-paid teachers. You must be a qualified teacher in your home country and they teach according to British standards.


Many foreigners choose to get certified in one of the diving certifications and teach people how to dive. You can make a salary, get a work permit, and receive tips that could make you between $2,000 and 3,000 USD per month if you’re in a good spot.

You could work in Ao Nang Beach, Koh Phi Phi Islands, Koh Yai or Koh Noi, or Koh Lanta, or even on a liveaboard with days or weeks at sea.


This is something I’ve been thinking about a bit recently. If you are a programmer of SWIFT for IOS devices or some other in-demand programming language and you think you could teach a course or a coding bootcamp in Krabi – contact me, I’d like to explore the idea further.

I am pretty sure I could pull a group of foreigners over to Krabi to learn how to program in a Coding Bootcamp-type course.

Have you taught coding before? Have you been a programmer for a while and you’re looking for something else to do besides writing code all day?

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