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Grand Mansion Hotel


Uttarakit Road in Krabi Town on road that runs parallel and next to Krabi river. The Grand Mansion Hotel is a four story white hotel that is close to the first small island going away from Krabi town center and toward the mountains.

Rooms in Grand Mansion Hotel

This is an old, comfortable hotel that is extremely cheap for a fan room without air conditioning at 300 baht. I believe we were quoted 6000 baht for a month to stay. The non-air room has a small color television and a refrigerator and hot water in the shower that is very hot and there’s no running out of water.

The air-conditioned rooms are 500 baht I believe and have everything the fan room has.

This hotel is very quiet and doesn’t have many visitors at any one time. It is in very close proximity to “Sprucy Cafe”, the orange building next door that serves Coffee, Tea and some snacks, even toast with jam. Sprucy has the fastest WIFI (wireless) internet service (uploads and downloads) in Krabi that I’ve found. The owner, Nut is a very nice guy and he speaks English very well.

This hotel is ideal if you are traveling with a motorbike (motorcycle) or bicycle as you can lock them with the chains supplied in front of the entrance doors. There are about 8 chains available for this purpose and I’ve never seen them all in use at once.

Bring your own padlock with a lock with a curved part that goes through the two ends of the chain that is about the size of a small pencil. There is 24-hour security and the motorbikes are visible from the front desk at night so it’s a very safe place to park your motorbike or bicycle overnight or while you go to Railay beach or somewhere else for the day.


You can have room service but you’ll need to order in Thai as they don’t speak English well at the hotel. I’ve only had the fried rice with pork (kowl pad moo) and it was good enough for 35 baht. There is beer (of course) and sodas in a refrigerator in the main lobby area.

Getting Around Krabi

There are motorbike taxis constantly coming by and tuk-tuks occasionally. If you want to go to Ao Nang there are white pickup trucks that have seating in the back. They say AO NANG on the side. They also stop at Ao Nam Mao and fossil shell beach.

If you are having trouble getting where you want to go from the front of the hotel, take a taxi to the Vogue Center – which is the mall in the center of town or the pier – you can go anywhere from those two places.