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Krabi Zoo & Thailand Zoos Information in 2024

A slow loris trying to escape the threat of a Krabi Zoo.

Where Is the Krabi Zoo? Many people ask us if they can come and visit the Krabi Zoo filled with wildlife like tigers, leopards, owls, snakes, lizards, hog badgers, guar, elephants, monkeys, langurs, and more. No, there is no Krabi Zoo in Krabi, and there has never been a zoo here in this province! Krabi … Read more

Are Bears Found in Krabi in 2024?

Malayan sun bear in featured image "Bears in Thailand?"

There are two bear species found in Krabi province in Southern Thailand – the Malayan Sun Bear, and the Asian Black Bear. Here is everything you need to know about Krabi bears. Two Potentially Dangerous Bear Species in Krabi Asian Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus) The Asian black bear, also known as the moon bear, white-chested … Read more

The Slow Loris in Krabi – Night Wildlife Walk 2024

Krabi slow loris in banana trees in the rainforest. ©

We are lucky to have the slow loris and many other cool animals living in Krabi near Krabi Town and the rainforest in Ao Nang and Tub Kaak. These are super-cute little nocturnal primates (mammals) that climb trees like monkeys, but slowly. They are never aggressive but possess an effective defensive technique. They have venom … Read more

Are Wild Elephants Found in Krabi, Thailand in 2024?

Elephant running away from exploitation in Thailand.

[Page Updated – 1 November 2023] No, wild elephants are not found living in habitats anywhere within Krabi province. The closest Asian Elephants can be found in Surat Thani province at a Thailand National Park called “Khao Sok.” The wild Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) is a majestic and iconic species found in various parts of … Read more