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Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

​​Reviewed 28 May 2023.

Please note that our tours have a non-refundable deposit due to limited participant groups and advanced planning for leaders, guides and accommodation requirements. KrabiNature is not liable for any delays caused by your air carrier to workshop destination. If delayed we will do our best to accommodate you to ensure that your trip can continue on as normal, adding on days to get everything scheduled.

Please note: We will attempt to stay true to all itineraries. However, certain unforeseeable conditions (political, climatic, environmental, cultural, or wildlife migrations) may require changes to the itinerary. We reserve the right to alter any itinerary at any time, if necessary. We will do our absolute best to notify participants of changes as far in advance as possible.  For each tour, a list of equipment and items we recommend to bring is given.

RESERVATIONS: All reservations with KrabiNature requires a deposit and the completion of an online registration form to secure your place on a tour. Deposits for tours are non-refundable unless KrabiNature cancels the workshop due to lack of participants. Once a registration form has been accepted, your place will be confirmed by email and you will be issued a confirmation invoice. At this point, a contract between the applicant and KrabiNature is created.

Payments are non-refundable 60 days prior to the tour start date. We will try our best to find a replacement for your spot reserved and at our discretion refund less the costs involved for your cancellation.

Please do not book your airfares until we confirm that the workshop has secured the minimum amount of participants. We will inform you immediately once the minimum has been met so you can make your travel arrangements.

PAYMENT: Our standard workshop payment policy for our published prices require an initial non-refundable deposit for reservation of space and your payment balance in full a minimum of 61 days prior to the workshop date. If we do not receive the balance on or before the due date, you will be contacted and sent a reminder. If we do not receive your balance of payment we reserve the right to fill your spot with another participant.

Fees are based upon double occupancy. Single rooms may be provided upon request when available.  Single rooms will require a single-supplement fee. For participants traveling alone but wishing to share a room, we will try to arrange for a roommate. If a roommate is not available, the single supplement will be charged.

Most international tour fees include: all lodging and meals as listed in the itinerary,  all transportation during the tour, entrance fees for parks and other areas, baggage handling, and the guide services of the tour guide(s). Unless indicated otherwise, our workshop fees do not include: transportation to and from tour departure points, passport and visa fees, airport taxes, alcoholic beverages, snacks, phone calls, laundry, or other items of a personal nature. For clarification please inquire or check the detailed itinerary or email us.

We prefer to accept payment through PayPal. This allows you to register securely and pay using credit card, or other account balance.

CONFIRMATION: An email will be sent to after confirmation of deposit and registration. If for some reason, you do not receive confirmation, please email us immediately at our Contact page.


IF YOU CANCEL:  Tour downpayment is final and non refundable within 90 days of start of tour. All final balance payments are non refundable unless we find a replacement participant for that workshop. We will then refund the tour payment less the original deposit. There is no guarantee we will be able to find a replacement. It is not likely on short notice.

Additionally, if you take out trip insurance the cost of the insurance is not refundable so it is best to purchase the policy just prior to making full payment for the tour or at the time you purchase airline tickets, depending upon the airlines restrictions.

There shall be no refund for weather delay or cancellation because of weather before arrival or during the scheduled tour – unless KrabiNature cancels the tour in whole or in part. KrabiNature is not responsible for any additional costs that may be incurred by weather delays or cancellations due to weather, flight delays, or otherwise. To protect yourself against unforeseen scenarios that may arise for you – Insurance is essential. Here is a link to a great site called Insure my Trip. You can get multiple quotes in seconds from this site:

If you have any questions, or do not understand this policy as it is written here, please ask us to explain in detail further. Otherwise, we are assuming that you understand fully the protocol written in this policy.​

We reserve the right to cancel any tour for which there are insufficient reservations. We will notify you not less than 60 days before the departure date. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in regards to natural disasters, political instability directly affecting the safety of the participants in the workshop location. In the event of any cancellation by KrabiNature, all deposits and other payments made to KrabiNature will be refunded in full. If possible and if there is sufficient interest from participants, another workshop will be created as a replacement.

Changes in the itinerary may occur even though tours are carefully planned. Changes will be made to the stated itinerary if in our professional opinion it will benefit tour participants by providing better photographic opportunities. Any major changes to the itinerary will be advised in the final tour details sent on receipt of the final balance. We also reserve the right to substitute another guide/ workshop leader for the original one. Where this is necessary, notification will be given to workshop participants. A change in the order that locations are visited is not deemed to be a major change. Should a major change of itinerary or schedule be forced upon us while the tour is in progress (for example due to strikes, weather delay or breakdown) any additional costs are the responsibility of the participants. Once again we insist that travel insurance is essential.

All participants are responsible for, and must be in possession of, a full passport, valid for at least six months beyond the end of the tour. Participants must also obtain any necessary visas and vaccination certificates required for the tour. Participants will be advised of visa requirements in sufficient time.

It is the participants’ absolute responsibility to seek medical advice regarding vaccinations and medication to ensure that they are prepared by the date of departure. Any medical information supplied by KrabiNature must be considered as a guide only.

Accommodation will be in medium-standard hotels/motels. Single rooms are normally available at extra cost. If you are traveling singly, but want to share a room, every effort will be made to find someone of the same sex for you to share with; if this is not possible, the single supplement fee will be applicable.

INTERNATIONAL – We strongly suggest all participants traveling with KrabiNature purchase Trip or Travel Insurance to cover circumstances that may cause travel difficulties or losses which may incur, of which KrabiNature is not responsible. Insurance should ensure necessary protection is provided against loss of deposit and medical costs, which can be very high should you fall ill during the tour. Please note that travel insurance rarely provides sufficient coverage for expensive photography equipment; you are therefore recommended to add this to your home insurance policy prior to departure.

KrabiNature workshops and tours can entail strenuous activity.  If the activity level is intended to be high this will be discussed in the tour itinerary. Nevertheless, participants must be able to complete moderate hiking with their required photo gear sometimes on uneven or slippery surfaces, to meet the schedule of all of our photo workshops. If you have any health problems or physical limitations, you are required to advise KrabiNature prior to booking. Depending upon the itinerary of the tour we can usually arrange for a half or a full day’s rest for those who wish to opt out of a photo shoot at any time. We will do our best to make our workshops work for you.

At KrabiNature we take the greatest care to ensure that the information presented on our website and the materials we distribute is accurate.  However, mistakes can occur. Unless the error or omission has a major effect on the tour to the extent that the photographic opportunities are drastically altered no claim for compensation can be entertained.

KrabiNature will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all services provided are of an acceptable standard. We cannot, however, accept liability for physical injury, loss, damage or expense resulting from any event whatsoever beyond our control. Personal insurance and/or resources is therefore absolutely essential.

By agreeing to participate in a KrabiNature workshop or tour, each participant and each parent or legal guardian of a tour participant who is under 18 years of age agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless KrabiNature, its agents, servants, employees, shareholders, officers, directors, attorneys, and contractors as more fully set forth in the liability waiver.

KrabiNature acts only as an assistant/consultant for the passenger in regard to travel, whether by railroad, motorcar, motor-coach, boat, airplane, or other means, and assumes no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity caused by defect in such vehicles or for any reason whatsoever, including the acts, defaults, or bankruptcies of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or in carrying out the arrangements of the tour.

KrabiNature accepts no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine, or other causes. The tour participant shall bear all such losses and expenses. Baggage is at the owner’s risk entirely.

Participants should be in good health before undertaking a tour. If you have questions about the physical requirements of a tour, please contact us for further information.

Participants should prepare for the tour by reading the detailed itinerary. Each participant is responsible for bringing appropriate clothing and equipment as recommended by KrabiNature.

The receipt of your tour deposit shall be deemed to be consent to the above conditions. Each photo workshop participant and each parent or legal guardian of a tour participant who is under 18 shall sign and deliver the terms and conditions document at the time of registration.

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