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Krabi Restaurant Review – Ruen Patchara

Ruen Patchara’s Food Review

This Krabi restaurant serves the best food overall that we can find anywhere. The price is moderate, it isn’t cheap, and yet it is not anywhere near what they could be charging. This is a top restaurant in Krabi, and one of our top three favorites. We visit often, but it is a little bit out of the way. We go a couple of times per week.

Best Thai Dishes

1. Pad Cee-yu Gai – I get this often. It’s thick fried noodles that are lightly flavored. They add vegetables that are cooked just right.
2. Fried Rice. We have this when we can’t think of anything else. Our daughter loves this one. This is definitely the best fried rice in Krabi. Out of all the restaurants we’ve eaten at in the last six years.
3. Anything with fish. They have fresh fish and prawns that are always delicious.


This is an open-air restaurant that is voluminous inside and has little outside to look at. there is a television that is usually on, but the volume is low enough as not to interfere with most people that are sitting on the other side of the restaurant. There is seating for a hundred people or more. They have an add-on upstairs addition they are building. They have some karaoke rooms that are often packed with people. The waitresses are very nice and attentive.


Ruen Patchara is a bit difficult to find, unless you are a Krabi local.


  • Great food. Anything you order will be delicious.
  • Exceptional fried rice and most other dishes.
  • Close to Krabi Town.
  • Clean, large seating area, modern tables, good staff.
  • Free WIFI.

WIFI – Yes. Fast enough to watch YouTube video.

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