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Krabi Restaurant Review – Ruen Thip

Open air and vast seating space describes Ruen Thip Restaurant in Krabi Town.
Open air and vast seating space describes Ruen Thip Restaurant in Krabi Town. ©

Krabi Restaurant Reviewed: Ruen Thip

WIFI – Yes. Fast enough to watch YouTube video. Ask the waitress for the code.

Food Quality

This is one of the top restaurants in Krabi, and it is owned by the same family who owns some of the other best restaurants in the town, like “Ruen Patchara” that we gushed about in one of our other reviews.

This Krabi Restaurant Is Known For:

  • Courteous service
  • Excellent Thai food
  • Live entertainment for dinner and after-hours
  • Huge interior space – enough to seat 200 people easily.
  • Fast! Doesn’t take long for food to arrive.
  • Free WIFI!

This is one of our top 5 restaurants in Krabi Town – and we usually eat there a couple of times each month.

Fried Rice at Ruen Thip Restaurant - Krabi, Thailand
Wife’s food last night at Ruen Thip – rice, eggs, veggies, and chicken. It was delicious she said!

Best Lunch and Dinner Dishes?

1. Tom Yum – Any kind, is really delicious. Like all southern restaurants, they put too much lemon in the soup – but, we have become accustomed to it by now. There is also more sugar than we like – but, we are Isaan people at heart.

2. Penang Gai – Curry chicken is maybe their best dish in the entire restaurant. I had it last night, wanting to change up my dinner – and taking a chance on it. It was absolutely the best Penang Chicken I’ve had not only in Thailand – but, in my entire life.

Really, not joking at all. It was spicy – how I like, so, if you don’t like it that spicy – make sure to let them know. Otherwise, just sit back and order a couple of servings of rice because you’re going to want to eat the entire thing.

The cost was just 150 THB – in today’s exchange, that is around $4.50 USD. Not bad for dinner in 2016. Our entire meal for 3 came out to 590 THB. Under $18 USD.

3. Kow Pad – Fried Rice. We have yet to order plain old fried rice at Ruen Thip because it is more like a restaurant that you go to get the best food you can.

4. Pad Pak Boong – The stir-fried morning glory is exceptional here too! I usually add this to our meal and we’ve not had a bad one. Awesome!

5. Anything with fish or seafood. They have fresh fish, prawns, sometimes scallops – if you like seafood – get it here!

Atmosphere at Ruen Thip Restaurant?

This is a huge open restaurant with different sections that have different atmospheres to them. Go have a look and see if you cannot find a place you enjoy. I don’t recommend the tables with lights directly over your face, or a table too close to the guy singing and playing guitar – it’s loud. But, at times it’s OK and not too loud – so, have a look.


It’s here at Google Maps.

Ruen Thip’s location in Krabi is near impossible to describe. Taking Uttarakit (Uttaradit on some signs) Road out of the center of Krabi Town and going toward the mountains, the hospital – go past the hospital. Go through the first stop light. Go past a small gas station.

On the left will be a hotel called, “Krabi Royal Hotel”. Make a left up the hill on the street before that hotel. Go up to the top of the hill and on the left is parking. There is a man there to direct parking if you have any trouble.

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