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Krabi Restaurant Review – Jay Cee Gwit Diao Roo-uh

Krabi Noodle Shop - Jay Cee Gwit Diao Roo-uh
On Highway 4 as you enter Krabi from Phangnga.

Krabi Restaurant Reviewed: Jay Cee Gwit Diao Roo-uh

Jay Cee Krabi Location

As you are traveling on Highway 4 from Phangna toward Trang you will be coming down a slight hill as you are coming up on Krabi town. On your left side about 200 meters before “Huay NamDang” Road which is across from the Esso Station on Highway 4 in Krabi town you’ll see the restaurant pictured in the photo above.

NOTE – they have moved across the highway. Look for a big restaurant serving soup. That’s them!

Jay Cee’s Food

I used to get gwit diao moo in the morning here. It’s noodle soup with bean sprouts (tua gnoh) and slices of pork. The cost is only 30 baht for a small and 35 baht for a large size (pee-set) that’s a great price for soup in Krabi. The food is clean and fresh and apparently, they do a whopping business in dried pig-skins as the staff is constantly packaging them – all day long!

Jay Cee’s Atmosphere

Cool, open-aired restaurant without walls but with a thick ceiling that keeps it cool in the summer. There always seems to be at least a slight breeze. There are some concrete tables with benches and some regular tables with plastic chairs. It’s not going to impress your date, but it’s clean and consistently open – more that I can say about most restaurants in Krabi.

Jay Cee’s Soup in Krabi Positives:

1. The gwit diao is good and the ingredients are all fresh.
2. Cheap and fast food. The price is 5 baht cheaper than most places serving the same thing in Krabi town.
3. Convenient because it is right on Highway 4. This is the same road Makro, Tesco, and Big C are all on.

UPDATE – their location has changed slightly. They are now on the other side of Highway 4 in Krabi Town. They have a very large restaurant which is next to a 4 story hotel.

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