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Krabi Restaurant Review – Easy Cafe

Krabi Town Restaurant On the River – Easy Cafe

WIFI – Yes. Usually fast enough.


The cafe serves one of the two best cups of Americano coffee I’ve had in Krabi. I get the Americano without milk or sugar. It is hot, and always done well. Cost – 55 THB. I have had the breakfast on a number of occasions.

The eggs are not overcooked, they are done well. I have had the sunny-side up eggs, scrambled, and the omelets. All are very decent. They serve a very dark bread for toast, which I prefer much more than white bread. Butter and jam comes with your toast. Extra butter is 5 baht per.

I have only had the pizza here for lunch and dinner. It is delicious, though very thin and not very filling. I think the price was 160 THB (July). Prices are quite reasonable and have gone up a bit since COVID.


This is an air-condition cooled restaurant that has a very nice atmosphere inside, and fans for four tables outside in the front of the restaurant. The waitresses are very nice. They speak English well enough to take your order and talk about general topics. The table settings are nice and it’s like a real restaurant, not plastic chairs and tin tables.


Easy Cafe is located in the center of Krabi Town in the province of Krabi. If you are staying in Ao Nang, you are too far away, check this out when you are in town, not at the beaches.

Easy Cafe is located across from the Chao Fa pier. If you follow Chao Fa Road to the bottom, where it meets the river, make a right and this cafe will be on your right side. It is facing the river. Note – closed on Mondays.


1. Great coffee.
2. Great pizza.
3. Great location, clean, good staff.
4. Air conditioned.
5. Free WIFI.
6. No TV and there is some easy going Western music playing.

If Easy Cafe is Closed (it closes around 5:30-6 pm. Go get PIZZA!

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