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The Best Place to Eat by Chao Fa Road?

Easy Cafe. Walk down the hill (Chao Fa Road in Krabi Town is a hill), at the first intersection, continue straight down to the river. Make a right. On your right will be a small place on the corner of a small alley and facing the Krabi River.

Why eat at Easy Cafe?

  • best breakfast, good lunch, closed for dinner
  • goodcoffee (I get Americano without sugar/creme – it’s awesome)
  • best pizza? No. Go to Bistro Monaco’s for great pizza.
  • free WIFI (this post was written a decade ago when this mattered. EVERYWHERE is free WIFI in Krabi!)

It has the best breakfast in the area, the best coffee, and it has free WIFI.

If you are there at lunch or dinner time, try the Pizza, or anything else. It’s all good.

Don’t waste your time looking for a good place to eat breakfast or any other meal of the day – just head to Easy Cafe and you’ll be glad you did.

Did I mention – Air Conditioning? Fans on the porch if you choose to sit outside?

Did I mention it has probably the most updated interior design of any coffee place / restaurant in Krabi Town?