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Explore Boua Thong Cave in 2024

Reviewed 28 May 2023.

On the way to Huay Toh waterfall you can stop at this small cave, it isn’t much to see, but if you want to see something hardly anyone else ever does, this cave should be on your list.

Boua Thong Cave in Krabi Province
A very small cave but maybe worth a look.

Boua Thong cave is a small limestone cave located behind a small open air building that could possibly be a fire station. I say that because there are various chairs around, clocks, some basic furniture.

What really makes me think that it’s a firehouse is that there is a hand-crank siren on the side of the building close to the cave.  Of course I had to crank it one time – and I have a video of it somewhere that I’ll link to here one day when I’m online and can find the link.

There isn’t much to see at this cave, but if you’re snake or bat hunting you might want to stop and see if you spot anything. Behind the cave is a large wilderness area where there are some huts – presumably built for the rubber tappers that live there.

The cave is large inside but I didn’t see any rooms to go explore except around the back – if you climb a little bit you can get up into a room.  I’ve not done that yet. Boua Thong cave is a bit dirty and you can skip it if you don’t have time.

I think the room around the back is worth exploring as it might lead to some other rooms. I never have a flashlight worth it’s salt so I end up going just as far as I can see – which, as you might know, with caves – is not going to get you far!

DIRECTIONS:  This cave is located on the same road as the Huay Toh waterfall just north of Krabi town. I’ll get some more specific directions later as I don’t have the name of the road on any of the 4 Krabi maps I have.

Coming from Krabi town and going toward the mountains where you might see Wat Tum Sua up at the top of the mountain you will reach a red light which is the intersection with Highway 4. Turn right and look for signs on your left side for Huay To or Huay Toh waterfall because this cave is on the same road, though much closer than the waterfall.

Go about 3 km (or so) and look for a small limestone hill that is close to the road you’re on. There is no real sign, you just follow the dirt road on the left that leads to the cave that you can see if you’re looking from the main road.

Park anywhere as nobody uses that road much. You MIGHT get dirty if you don’t stay on your feet – it’s slippery during the rainy season as the red mud is like slippery clay.

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