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About Krabi Town – Beaches – Province in 2024

Ao Nang Krabi Beach Karst
View from the small beach by Centaura Grand Resort. ©

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Here is some general and specific information about Krabi, the town, the province, and the beaches for visitors that are planning on visiting. This is an overview of what Krabi is, where it is, and what being here on vacation is like.

Krabi has something for everyone. I know that is cliche, but really it does. Personally, I think Krabi province has more to do than any other province except Bangkok. It is on-par with Phuket Island, and because Krabi is bigger, it probably has more to do for visitors.

What Is Krabi Like?

Krabi is nothing like Phuket. There is no sex industry here – whether at the beach or in Town, nowhere in the province are sex-tourists catered to. If you’re looking for that, Phuket – Patong Beach, is a better option for you.

Krabi is more of a slow tourist town that is suited well for families and backpacking singles than for anybody else. Krabi Town is 16km away from the beaches, near the Krabi River and Andaman Sea.

In town we have the main hospitals, a foreign hospital, a post office, a main police station, a bus terminal, the airport (KBV), and the big department stores like Vogue Mall; Big C; Tesco/Lotus; and Makro. There are a number of small shopping centers opening soon, and we’ll update this page as they open.

Beaches and Islands?

The Ao Nang Beach area is on the coast of the Andaman Sea between Phang Nga province and Koh Lanta in the south. Ao Nang is the jumping-off point to reach landlocked Railay Beaches where they have excellent world-class climbing rocks, and it’s also a great place for a day trip for anyone with or without children.

From Noppharat Thara Beach next to Ao Nang, you can reach Koh Phi Phi Islands by ferry. You can also, during high season, take a ferry from Noppharat Thara to Phi Phi and then continue on further to Phuket Island on the east side.

Koh Phi Phi Islands were devastated during the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, but they have been rebuilt and have a high standard of tourist facilities. It is more a place for the young crowd, though plenty of older folks go and stay a night or two.

The 4-Island Tour is very popular from Ao Nang Beach. You can take a longtail boat out for a 1/2 day to full day trip and they’ll let you snorkel and explore vacant sandy beaches on Islands off the coast of Krabi. Price is very reasonable and it’s an excellent way to spend some time.

Krabi is a sleepy little place, but Ao Nang, Railay, and Koh Phi Phi do get a lot of tourists during high season. Book early and book your tours early by contacting Son at this Reservations Form we give throughout this site. He can set you up with the proper tour and your experience should be excellent while visiting Krabi, Thailand.