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Low Season in Krabi – and Rain!

Update: 26 May 2023 The rain has been hammering the province for the past week. September and October are typically the wettest months in Krabi but on occasion October and November eclipse these months as the wettest. Regardless – from August through November in Krabi, it is usually QUITE wet and many tourists, expats, and … Read more

What Is Krabi Weather Like in 2024?

Here’s a table showing average Krabi weather temperature ranges by month in Krabi. Monthly Temperature Averages in Krabi, Thailand Month C F January 23-33°C 74-91°F February 23-34°C 73-93°F March 24-34°C 75-93°F April 25-34°C 77-93°F May 25-33°C 77-91°F June 25-33°C 77-91°F July 25-33°C 77-91°F August 25-33°C 77-91°F September 25-32°C 77-90°F October 24-32°C 75-90°F November 24-32°C 75-90°F … Read more