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1 Day and Night Rainforest Hike for Wildlife! (Krabi, Thailand)

Forest Crested Lizard - Calotes emma found on Krabi wildlife tour any night in Thailand's South.
Harmless and Amazing Lizards – give us great photographic opportunities.

We have a few different Night Wildlife Tours you can join in Krabi. Open ANY NIGHT. Nobody else offers these tours – JUST US!

Join Us for an Unforgettable Krabi Safari – a Day and Night Wildlife Tour in the Rainforest!

  • 4-6 hours (day + night session) of searching the dense rainforest in tropical Krabi at a wilderness resort!
  • find geckos, lizards, insects, frogs, spiders, owls, slow loris, civets, calugos, snakes, turtles, MORE!
  • expert instruction and handling of some animals, including venomous snakes (if found)
  • headlamp, transportation from Krabi airport (KBV), and accommodation in a bungalow included
  • excellent Thai food at the on-site restaurant overlooking their freshwater lake

We always find a number of amazing animals and insects on this intensive search for some of Thailand’s most fascinating wildlife.

Join us soon for a 1 day session.

You choose the focus.

  • 1 explorer – just $290
  • 2 explorers – just $390
  • 3 explorers – just $490
  • 4 explorers – just $590

Use this page to contact us re: registration. SEE YOU SOON!