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Birds, Bats, and Owls Found on Photo Tours

Here are some birds and bats we’ve found during our tours. Of course we have found hundreds more, and we have a lot more photos. We’ll get them up over time, please be patient! We have photos of pittas, honey buzzards, sea eagles, Brahminy Kites, Kingfishers, and more!

We do know spots for the birds, bats and owls you see in the images below. We also know where Pittas are found (3 places). We saw one the other day at 3 p.m.

Kingfisher bird common in mangroves around Krabi.
A Brown-winged Kingfisher hunting in the mangroves.
Bats sleeping in roof in Krabi, Thailand.
Bats sleeping upside down in the roof of a hut at a nature park in Krabi.
An oriental bay owl in a tree at night seen on our night tour.
Oriental Bay Owl.
Black birds eating palm seeds from a plantation in Krabi.
Some Asian Glossy Starlings feasting on palm tree seeds that haven’t been harvested soon enough.
A sleeping hooded Pitta bird found on the ground in Krabi, Thailand on a night hike in the rainforest.
A Hooded Pitta found sleeping on the ground during a night field trip. ©

We couldn’t get any good photos yet, but we also see those HUGE BATS called FLYING FOXES! >

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