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Kayak Tours

We have ocean kayaking and freshwater river, and freshwater spring kayak tours in Krabi. The kayaks are stable and easy to maneuver. You are advised to bring or purchase a waterproof rubber bag before joining the tour, or we have some available you can purchase before we go.

Our Thailand Kayak Tours:

Easy Glide Down Freshwater Spring – a simple 1km float down a stream formed by underground freshwater springs bubbling up through the surface. The water is crystal clear and we take some time to swim as well. You can combine this with our Elephant Trekking tour for a discount.

Thalen Bay Kayak Tour – Full day. Open ocean water Kayak trip through Thalen bay to see sea-caves and other natural wonders.

All participants must wear life-vests and sign a disclaimer to indemnify us and our tour-guides. We don’t go out on rough-water days, and we take every precaution we can to assure a safe trip. We are going to purchase our own kayaks in the near future, so we don’t need to rely on other tours. This will give us the ability to have custom trips and regular tours to places that are not currently being offered here. Check back with us if you’re a kayaker that wants some great places to kayak in Thailand. We’ll be ramping this area up considerably over the next half-year.

If you have a custom adventure trip idea you’d like to do to see if we can help – CONTACT US HERE.