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Krabi Lost and Found Service 2024

[Page updated 4 May 2024]


If you’ve lost something in Krabi, we can possibly help.

If you want to report finding something in Krabi, we have instructions to help you below.


Lost and Found Process

  • Report stolen items to the Krabi Police Department. The Krabi Airport or Bus Station may not want to waste time looking through CCTV video footage without your police report on file.
  • Report your lost or stolen items below on the form.
  • If it appears like there is any chance we can recover your item, we’ll ask you for a small fee to cover our time for investigating lost items.
  • If stolen, well, we really cannot help, you will need to go through the police. You could help other people avoid the same problem by filing your form and letting us know something was taken. That way we can alert others in the area on social media.

Keep in mind, that there is no guarantee we can find your item, but if it seems like we might have a chance, we’ll definitely try!

Fees to Search for Lost Items

For us to make some calls and go to the place where you lost it and search or ask staff about whether someone found the object, you can expect to pay 370 THB (just under $10 USD) for us to get started to find your lost item.

If we find your object, we’ll send you photos and request that you pay an invoice online before we send them. You can use a credit card with Stripe or Wise payment services, or direct bank transfer from a Thailand bank.

Below is the Krabi form. If you want to report a lost item in another area of Thailand, go here >

Questions to Answer for Lost or Found Items in Krabi

OK! Copy the above questions and paste them into an email to us. Our email is below:

Good Luck with this! We do help people find their stuff occasionally when they thought it was lost. Other times, it really is lost. If you lost a drone, we probably cannot retrieve it, but give us a note and see if we can!

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