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Krabi snake tour - a slug snake at night.
A rarely seen slug snake in Krabi. They pull snails out of shells.

Thailand is filled with exotic wildlife, even despite many people bent on the destruction of their habitat. Thailand Eco Tours adheres to a “do no harm” policy when looking for wildlife. Our tours can focus on birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, or plants – up to you. Typically on the walking tours we’ll see a lot of insects, some butterflies, centipedes, millipedes, lizards, a monitor sometimes, squirrels, birds, and sometimes snakes and turtles. For the mangrove tours we can sometimes find viper snakes, pythons, mangrove cat snakes, birds, monitors swimming, many species of crabs, and frogs.

Krabi Thailand Wildlife Tours:

Daylight Full Day Walking Tour – where we go for these tours will be customized for what it is you want to see. The prices will vary depending if we need to hire specific guides to help or not. If you are looking for venomous snakes –

Night Time 5 hour Walking Tour – starting at 6 pm. we’ll walk around some lakes, around a nature resort, or up a mountain for five hours and see what we can find.

Daylight 1/2 Day Longtail Boat in Mangroves Tour – 3 hours on the longtail boat as we move slowly through the mangrove trees up and down the secluded waterways.

Daylight Full Day Longtail Boat in Mangroves Tour – 5 hours on the longtail boats cruising the mangroves.

Suratthani Wildlife Tours:

2 Day Khao Kok Wildlife Tour – North and west of Krabi province is Surat Thani. It’s a rather unknown province, but there is a lovely national park there that few visitors ever get to see – Khao Sok National Park. This is well worth the trip to reach it – 170km from Krabi. It requires a 2-day stay, minimum. If you’d like to stay longer than 2 days, please coordinate with us for how to customize your wildlife tour at Khao Sok.

If you have a custom adventure trip idea you’d like to do to see if we can help – CONTACT US HERE.

Custom Wildlife Photography Tours.