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Thailand Custom Wildlife Photography Tours

The Phuket Horned-tree agamid lizard in Krabi province on a photo tour.
A lizard that was once thought to only be found in Phuket, A. phuketensis is common on one of our night photography tours.

Thailand has many tropical rainforest dependent species that are going to disappear in the wild if they are not protected. There is a limited opportunity to get to Thailand now and see these amazing beasts before they are gone and cannot be brought back. In particular the king cobras, kraits, and some of the lizards and geckos are in serious need of attention, which probably is not forthcoming.

There is a photography tour that runs for six days that you can sign up for over at They have everything-included field trips. You can choose to specialize and focus your tour on specific species or groups of animals. They are expert at Thailand’s reptiles, but also can target birds, lizards, frogs, geckos, spiders, scorpions, and other animals like bats, and centipedes if you wish.

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