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Krabi Restaurant Review – Uno’s Italian

Uno's Italian Restaurant Krabi Town - best pizza in Krabi Town.

I have a certain unnatural craving for pizza a couple of times each week. For a while there I was searching for some great little pizza place I could go. I had a couple requirements and I’ll list them below. Uno’s has all of these, and let’s cut to the chase – it is highly recommended.

Uno's salami pizza - best in Krabi, Thailand.
Uno's Restaurant Seating - Krabi, Thailand
Inside and outside seating available.



We have had both Thai and Italian food here, and no matter what we ordered, it was delicious. We have visited probably a dozen times over the last two months, and it has become one of our favorite places to sit and eat great food in a quiet atmosphere. The owner is from Italy, and the food is delicious.


There is some quiet music playing inside which isn’t annoying. It is on low enough to allow conversation without yelling. There is no television playing crazy Thai dramas or any sort of politics or news stations, so the atmosphere at Uno’s is really quite nice – we enjoy it.

There is free WIFI and it works well, so usually we bring the notebook computer and iPad and I get some work done, while my daughter gets some cartoon time in. The owners are pleasant to speak with and have become friends.


Prices are reasonable considering they are in the center of Krabi Town and their rent must be very high on that popular street. Margherita Pizza is 170 THB. The Salami Pizza I think was 220. Extra toppings (cheese) was 30-40 THB.

The latte is 55 THB and is made from a delicious imported Italian coffee which has won many awards. Prices are all very reasonable! We have not bought very much variety yet, because we’re just loving eating the same delicious things over and over.


Ratings are very high for this Italian restaurant. You can be sure the food is fresh, good, and service is great.

Uno's Restaurant Ratings - Krabi, Thailand


  1. Great Pizza! Unos has the best pizza in Krabi Town, and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it. Today, as I write this, I’m so psyched about the place that I’m sitting here waiting for my Salami pizza with extra cheese, and my daughter is getting a mushroom pizza – same as usual. Awesome pizza. Authentic!
  2. Air Conditioning! Check. He’s got it. It’s always on. No begging to turn it on.
  3. Great Coffee! Pascucci imported from Italy. I always get the latte with an extra shot of espresso, and it’s perfect.
  4. No TV blasting – or even on, is perfect. There is NO TV noise here! No TV! Really enjoy that.
  5. Great Service! The son of the owner is the manager of the restaurant, and the service is great. He speaks English well, and is enjoyable to talk with.
  6. WIFI! Check. Works well enough for my daughter to stream YouTube cartoons and for me to upload a YouTube video at the same time.

Some other info…

There is both indoor and outdoor seating (for smokers). The location is easy to find, in the heart of Krabi Town. There are padded and hard wooden seats available. The menu covers lots of Italian food, and some Thai dishes. Prices are reasonable for being in the center of town. Parking is available on Uttarakit Road (River Road), or there is paid parking for about 30 THB across the street in a little plaza.

The owner has lived in Thailand for years and had “Firenze” Restaurant by the pier in Krabi Town for a while before selling it. That restaurant closed recently, and so the owner opened Uno’s in 2015.

So, if you’re in the mood for authentic Italian pizza in Krabi Town, I highly recommend Uno’s pizza! The service is polite and the food is delicious.


From the “River Road” which is officially named either Uttaradit or Uttarakit (I’ve seen signs calling it both), if you find the Purple Bank – SCB – Siam Commercial in the center of downtown Krabi Town, you’re close. Just take the road that goes up toward the night market and on the left hand side you’ll see Uno’s Italian Restaurant.

There is sometimes parking for motorbikes in front, but your best bet is further down the road on the left by the corner – there is always motorbike parking there. For cars, across the street is a little plaza for paid parking and there is usually space.


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