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Krabi February Weather

Sunset February Noppharat Thara Beach, Krabi, Thailand
Sunset at the beach in Krabi is usually just like this in February. It’s a great month for weather, so come on!

What is the weather like in Krabi in February?

AWESOME. In a word, that’s it. It’s really nice.

In 9 years we’ve lived here there has not been a bad February, so if you book your vacation for anytime during the month of February, you can be sure you will have chosen one of the best months of the year for weather in the province.

What is the weather like in Krabi in February?

Sunny and calm. Very blue skies. Sometimes the weather is already getting warm because the clouds don’t block the sun much, and there are no cool breezes coming from the rain falling close by. February is usually one of the most amazing months, but occasionally there are some very warm days – hot days – that can be hard to deal with. Better to swim, snorkel, dive, or go to the Crystal Pool (Emerald Pool) on those days.

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