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Krabi December Weather

Krabi December weather is typically sunny.
The weather in Krabi province during December is usually sunny and beautiful with some rainy days occasionally.

Weather in Krabi town and beaches, indeed all over the province in December is always a bit of a mystery until it happens.

USUALLY – we have nice weather 70% of the time – sun and bright blue skies, bright white clouds that don’t rain on us.

SOMETIMES we have extended rainy season that goes right into December, and sometimes lasts all of December. This is rare, but in 9 years it happened two times. So, there is always a chance.

This year we are having a bit of a mix. The usual rainy months were not so rainy, and the rain started coming in November and now it is lasting into December too. We are now on Dec 15th and we have had some rain most days, but not for very long. It passes through in an hour or at most 1.5 hours. Maybe the rain will be stopping soon. We have had beautiful blue skies for the weather today and yesterday. It is raining in very small areas around Krabi Town and Beaches for thirty minutes at a time.

If you are planning a trip to Krabi Thailand for December and you are not sure if you should come during this time – I would say, YES, book your trip. It is much more likely that you will have nice weather for most or all of your 1-2 week stay. You may have some rainy days, but you will almost surely be able to get out and do some adventureshiking, beaches, caves, waterfall, hot spring, or whatever you want to do.


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