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Khao Phung Cave in Krabi

Kow Phung cave, Krabi, Thailand
A number of caves can be explored here and there are geckos and other animals to find.

Khao (kow) Phung cave is a small mountain that is filled with caves along the ground level -and, if you’re adventurous you could climb up into others that are higher.

There is a walkway at Khao Phung cave as you can see by the photos, which takes you around about half of the mountain. One “Y” intersection will take you to a small stream where locals like to swim. There is a small dam made of sandbags so it’s not exactly picturesque.

The caves at Kow Phung are deep. I didn’t have a light with me so I stuck the camera into small holes and took some photos with the flash set on “high”. There are some HUGE rooms inside as you can see from the photos – but, you’ll need a flashlight – and bring a couple just in case the one you have dies.

No sense getting caught a couple of hundred meters inside a dark cave without a flashlight (torch). Can you IMAGINE THAT?  That would be a serious nightmare and you might not get out anytime soon either.

Kow Phung cave is part of the national park that contains Huay Toh waterfall which is basically beside it. There is no charge here for the cave, but Huay Toh will charge foreigners 200 baht.  Some students are at this cave during non-school hours to make some extra cash for taking you through the cave or renting you some flashlights for 100 baht.

One caveat, the mosquitoes here are off-the-hook and you’d do well to bring some DEET 28 or stronger bug spray to keep them off you. I had 28 all over me and they still found some sweet Vern meat to eat.

Directions:  From Krabi town – the police checkpoint by the river, go upstream away from town and toward the mountains. At the traffic light make a right turn. On your left within 1km, possibly 1.5km is a sign or multiple signs for Huay Toh Waterfall – take that left-hand turn and go the WHOLE way up the road – 16-18km until you see the sign on the right for Kow (Khao) Phung Cave which is almost next to the Huay Toh Waterfall.

In length, the Khao Phung boardwalk is maybe 200 meters. There are sections of dirt trail through the jungle as well and it gets messy since it’s rainy season from May to November.

Another shot where I just stuck my camera into a small opening and shot blindly. There must be a lot of places to explore here. I’ll be back with a flashlight when I can.

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