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Moving to Krabi Guide – All the Essentials!

Railay Beach photo with title, Moving to Krabi Guide!

Introduction to Moving to Krabi (What’s covered below?) Have you thought about moving from your home country to Thailand? What about moving to Krabi? Many people across the world wonder if making such a move would be a good idea. How well do they match with Thailand culture? Will they have good health insurance here? … Read more

Krabi On a Budget – Save Money and Enjoy Paradise!

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This article provides tips on how to travel to Krabi on a budget, including where to stay, eat, and play. We have lived here for 16 years, so we know how you can best go about it! Getting To Krabi Traveling to Krabi is not too difficult and a number of options exist. Krabi is … Read more

Chikungunya in Thailand – FAQ

Chikungunya (chee-koon-gun-ya) and also spelled as “Chicken guinea”, “Chicken gunaya,” and “Chickengunya”, comes from the African Swahili language, where it means “to bend up”. When severely affected with joint pain a person bends up like a ninety year old, hunched over in pain. Most symptoms are similar to Dengue Fever. Chikungunya is a mosquito born virus … Read more

Krabi Photography and Camera Stores & Repair

Krabi is a province in southern Thailand that doesn’t have any large mall or specialty stores like Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Hasselblad, etc. There are a couple of stores where you can buy photography items you need in an emergency. We’ll list them here – and tell you about a place you can have your lenses … Read more

Running Around Thara Park, Krabi (21 miles)

Just about a month ago I talked about running fifteen miles for the first time ever. Then, ten days ago I did another fifteen-mile run. Felt better the second time. Yesterday, I was close to not running at all. I wasn’t looking forward to running in the rain and cold (74°F). That is very cold … Read more