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Is Krabi the Best Place in Thailand for Your Vacation?

Scenic shot of mountains and beaches of Tub Kaak area - Is Krabi the best?

Krabi is a province located in southern Thailand, known for its stunning beaches, islands, mountains, limestone cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. It is an increasingly popular destination for tourists around the world, and for good reason. With a wide range of activities and attractions, Krabi has something to offer for every type of traveler. Is Krabi … Read more

September Krabi Weather

Krabi weather is rainy in September.

Typical Rain in Krabi in September? Rain is steadily increasing over June, July, August, and September begins the crazy rain that can go on for a week at a time and longer. September in Krabi is real soggy. Is Lightning a Problem in September? We almost never have lightning in September in Krabi, so you … Read more

August Krabi Weather

Ocean and cloudy skies with storm approaching over Krabi in August.

In August, the rain can begin to increase over the typical June and July rainfall. We always count August, September, October, and November as the real rainy season because anything can happen during these months. There could be no rain for a week, then rain for a week, then no rain for two weeks. Or … Read more

April Krabi Weather

Blue sky and white clouds - Krabi in April.

What is Krabi’s Weather Like in April? April brings random rain showers – sometimes violent lightning storms – to Krabi’s weather. This begins Thailand’s Rainy Season. The storms are random and infrequent in April. They come fast and furious and the lightning can be scary. This isn’t a good time to be climbing on mountain … Read more

March Krabi Weather

March has bright blue skies and white clouds in Krabi, Thailand.

What is the Weather Like in Krabi in March? In March, it is usually very hot – over 34°C every day. The skies are the most blue of the entire year during Jan through April! So, if you’re a photographer, you might enjoy it. This is a great time to come to Krabi if you … Read more

October Krabi Weather

Big storm in Krabi over the water in October.

What is the Weather Like in Krabi in October? In October, it is usually cool and raining. October has the most rain of the year in Krabi. That’s a generalization because we have some beautiful days, but the overall tone of October is the rainy season at it’s peak and we usually get 20-25 days … Read more

January Krabi Weather

Skies over Krabi in January - perfect weather.

If you are coming to Krabi, Thailand in January and you are wondering about the weather forecast for this month. What is the Weather Like in Krabi in January? Usually, it’s beautiful! January begins the period of weather in which it is almost always VERY NICE, a little cool, a little breezy, and it is … Read more

November Krabi Weather

Weather and clouds filling Krabi sky in November.

What Is the Krabi Weather Like in November? November is one of the months that can go either way for the weather every year. One year it can be perfect, with just a couple of hard rains and the rest sunshine and blue skies. Other years it can rain even worse than it did in … Read more

July Krabi Weather

Skies of Krabi during July weather.

July is a couple of short weeks away and I need to tell you what the Krabi Weather is like in July so you can plan your vacation for one of the best times of year to be in Krabi!. From June to October is always a lovely time of year to spend your vacation … Read more

June Krabi Weather

Clear blue skies and white billowing clouds in Krabi in June.

What Is the Krabi Weather Like in June? June is just around the corner here in Krabi and I want to tell you everything you need to know about the weather in June. June through October is a great time of year to visit Krabi, Thailand. The weather is generally much cooler, and maybe more … Read more

15 Best Fire Shows in Krabi

Krabi fire show on the beach in Ao Nang.

A fire show typically consists of some fireworks and people who dance around with fire and make interesting patterns to music – often the beat of a drum. If you haven’t seen a Fire Show in Krabi, there are plenty of places you can watch one. Keep in mind, the fire dancing shows are not … Read more

May Krabi Weather

Beach scene showing blue sky and water in May in Krabi.

What is May Weather Like in Krabi? May is here and I wanted to update KrabiNature to let you know what it is usually like. I’ll do June in a few minutes as well, check out June here > This month we had a couple of very rainy days, even having rain for 24 hours … Read more

10 Best Krabi Temples in 2024 (Buddhist Wats)

All Krabi Buddhist Temples - a guide for you to visit each temple around Krabi Province.

[Page updated: 4 March 2024] Though Krabi is a Muslim-majority province, there are still plenty of cool temples you can visit during your vacation to Krabi Town, Ao Nang, and Ko Lanta. We’ll also tell you about a couple of outlying temples that nobody else seems to mention. One Krabi temple in particular, Wat Theprattan, … Read more

Top 10 Best Viewpoints in Krabi, Thailand in 2024

The 10 best Krabi Thailand viewpoints listed and explained.

We have the top 10 best views and viewpoints for you to see during your trip to Krabi in Southern Thailand! We not only cover Krabi’s mainland but Island viewpoints as well! Let’s see what we can SEE!! We’ll start with viewpoints close to Krabi Town and expand outward from there. Bring your camera! 10 … Read more

Phuket Marriott at Nai Yang Beach

The Marriot property at the southern end of Nai Yang Beach on the tropical island of Phuket will transform your busy mind into an oasis of calm as you flat around one of the pools sipping margaritas or other ice-cold drinks, one after another! Agoda will secure your accommodation and give you the most options … Read more


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Moving to Krabi Guide 2024 – All the Essentials!

Railay Beach photo with title, Moving to Krabi Guide!

[Page updated 20 June 2024] Introduction to Moving to Krabi (What’s covered below?) Have you thought about moving from your home country to Thailand? What about moving to Krabi? Many people across the world wonder if making such a move would be a good idea. How well do they match with Thailand culture? Will they … Read more

Best Water Activities in Ao Nang, Krabi in 2024

Krabi water activities, we tell you what is permitted in the oceans around Krabi.

Many people love to do activities in the water while vacationing in Krabi. But, what can you really do here? Krabi limits what can be done for safety issues and noise issues. Living here, we LOVE THIS, but you may be surprised what you can and cannot do in the oceans around Krabi. Can I … Read more