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Adventure Tours

Climbing tour at Ngorn Nak (Dragon's Crest) peak in Tub Kaak, a subdistrict of Krabi.

Some of our Thailand tours will have an adventure focus. Sure, most of them could be considered adventurous, but the ones listed below are those that are either extra-adventurous, or that just don’t fit in any of the other categories so well. Some are listed in other Thailand tour categories as well.

Adventure Tours

4km Mountain Climb – a somewhat challenging mountain trek climb to the peak at 500 meters elevation. The views are absolutely stunning. We often see mountain dragons, monitor lizards, birds, frogs, and other wildlife on this adventurous tour up this mountain.

Long Walk up Deserted Mountain – began as a park, few locals in the Krabi area used this park at all. It is now basically an abandoned park which consists of a road up the mountain and includes 2 nice viewpoints. We often see wildlife on this tour. You can either walk up or “mountain bike up” if you dare to try. It is possible, but your knees are guaranteed to feel it. Click that link for info.

2 Remote Beaches Adventure Tour –  and elevated viewpoint (Railay Beach Tour). (Can combine this tour with climbing limestone rocks, for a discount if you wish).

Longtail Boat Mangroves Tour – take a longtail boat through the mangroves (wilderness spotting in general, or could focus on snakes, birds, etc.)

Trang 4 Island Tour – Full Day 10-12 hours. Trang is a province just south of Koh Lanta, and it’s every bit as stunning as Krabi, Phang Nga, or maybe more so. We love this 4 island tour which includes snorkeling, and seeing bats on remote islands.

We’ll be adding adventurous tours as we figure out what sorts of things most tourists like to do when visiting Krabi, Thailand.

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